Marissa-Catherine Carrarini

marissa_snowsfields.jpgMarissa-Catherine Carrarini, founder of Snowsfields Wellness

A boutique-style, environmentally sound health store and clinic.

The concept is based upon the idea that Snowsfields Wellness can be a one-stop-health-shop, where everyone's health needs are met. There are the supplements and foods to buy after seeing a naturopath or nutritional therapist; fantastic massage therapists or the most sustainable and beautiful massage oil if you want to do it yourself. There is also a small smoothie and therapeutic tea bar where one can relax pre or post treatment.
Everything sold in the shop is of the highest quality (and not necessarily the most expensive) from local and/or fairtrade suppliers and independent businesses. Unlike most organic stores, you'll find no organic crisps or anything made with palm oil in the shop. Instead everything is of the purest quality and is there to promote the health of the individual and health of the planet and its communities.

The clinic follows the same principle: decked out with vintage furniture, sustainable coir (a type of flooring made from coconuts) and eco paints. Even the towels and sheets are organic and fairtrade. All the practitioners are passionate and compassionate people and amazing at what they do.

I started the business as I am a naturopathic nutritional therapist and I wanted a place to practice that represented my own ethos of health, while still maintaining a strong style and simple luxury. I wanted a place where everyone felt welcome to indulge in their own health: a place where people felt they could come and ask questions without feeling they have to buy; a place that was honest, kind, beautiful, warm, welcoming, fiercely independent and above all ethical to the core.

I want Snowsfields Wellness to be well known as /the/ place where people can come for the highest quality and person-centred treatment. I want it to be well known as /the/ place to find difficult to find products and the place to pop in and ask for advice about one's own well-being. I want Snowsfields Wellness to be known as /the/ place for physical, mental and emotional health.

Striding Out has been a gold mine. My coach was so thorough when she helped me with my business plan and I felt she genuinely cared - which made me feel more confident and positive. Without her help - I wonder whether I would have got funding from the bank. Since then, the Striding Out talks & events, and Future 100 award have all helped with my confidence,
courage and know-how in making Snowsfields Wellness what it is today and what it will become.

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