Mike Fleming

Mike_FlemingMike Fleming

Started his own business with the Stepclever Programme.

What is your life experience?

Brought up in Liverpool. Have had 10 short term jobs. I've learned many skills from my jobs but the main thing is the strong work ethic and inter-personal skills which help me get along with people quickly.

Any qualifications?

3 GCSEs grade C at secondary school.

Studied Music Media at college, qualified with a Merit award

ILM Team Leadership Certificate

ILM Preparing for Business Enterprise

What inspired you to start your business?

I was in a band for four years and got involved with helping the events team. I just loved it. I am strong willed and would like to be my own boss. As I loved the events management and I have a passion for music it just fitted. I also want to help young people to make careers in the music industry.

 How did you start up? What do you do?

I have applied for the Stepclever start up grant to buy my initial equipment. I have networked to make appropriate connections and promoted my business through my connections.

I specialise in Events Management and helping young bands to raise their profile through the use of promotional materials and inside knowledge.

 What are your future plans?

I want to develop film production, web design and game production aspects of the business.

I want to enter the field of TV and film production over the next 5 years.


What advice would you offer to any other young people starting their own enterprise?

Take the time to look at the opportunities that are out there. People really do want to help and there's only you that can do it so get the ball rolling.

Ask yourself what it is that makes you tick – what's special that you can offer to your business.


Any feedback on the help from your Striding Out coach?

The help from the Striding Out coaches has been more than invaluable. I couldn't have done half of this without them. The advice was more than helpful and I feel supported. They were a big inspiration for getting me started.