Morse Labeja

student-jobMorse Labeja, Student, Haringey Sixth Form Centre 

Currently studying BTEC Business Course in College               

Morse Labeja is a student currently studying Level 2 BTEC Diploma in Business & Functional Skills with Haringey Sixth Form Centre. As a progressive individual, Morse aims to find a job within sales, preferably as an estate agent.  

Under the Catch 22 programme Morse received career coaching sessions with one of our specialised coaches. Through these sessions Morse was able to identify the main challenges he faced. He explains ‘I faced the common difficulty most individuals face, lack of relevant work experience. Although I am eager to learn and work alongside a progressive company I was not receiving the results I wanted. ’

Together with his coach, Morse received the support he needed and acknowledged opportunities he could take to help him embark on his next step to getting his desired job. ‘As I want to work within the sales industry I decided to enrol onto a BTEC Business course which will help me gain the knowledge I need to get there’ he explains. Morse also hopes to find work experience through work placements.

Morse regards his experience so far, ‘to be rewarding. The teacher is great he always makes sure we understand the material. I get along with the other students and I’m constantly learning new skills which can be transferred onto a work environment.’ Morse goes onto to reflect his sessions with his coach, ‘I found these career sessions to be very helpful, I’m always receiving new tips on how to improve my current skills and secure employment on my own initiative.’

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