Natalie Haywood

natalie_haywood.jpgNatalie Haywood, Leaf Tea Shop & Bar

Leaf Tea Shop & Bar is an unusual but imaginative venue. Tea Shop by day and a live music venue by night.

It attracts expressive individuals that all share one thing in common in that they are all creative people. The Tea Shop is a place where you sit, relax and chat with like minded people and at night the atmosphere changes to an upbeat frenzy of DJs, bands, films, art plus much more.

Tea is the nations favourite drink, yet many people don't drink anything apart from the standard teabag full of dust. I wanted to educate people about loose leaf tea and make tea drinking more interesting, cool and fun.

I also came to realize how nightlife and trends are changing and how young people are far more discerning in their choice today than ever before. Lifestyle habits have transformed with a ‘night on the tiles’ not always translating as binge drinking. Leaf Tea Shop is the antithesis of binge-drinking Britain and reaches out the enormous number of young people who demand more from a night out in terms of atmosphere and what they consume. Good quality drinks, food and informal location are high priorities nowadays and Leaf Tea Shop steps up as a wholesome venue with creative conscience and inspiration, not to mention a one-stop shop for all needs whether its as a meeting place, hangout or great night out.

I am to make Leaf a leading youth tea brand in the UK in the next 3-5 years. We have many exciting projects in the pipeline, so watch this space.

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