Youth Opportunity Fund

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be-bham-logoweb.jpgStriding Out is providing leadership training and coaching to young people on the decision making panels of the  DCSF Youth Opportunity Fund programme.  Funded by Be Birmingham. 


The overall aim of the Youth Opportunity and Youth Capital Funds is to improve the provision of positive activities for young people, by giving them the power to decide how this funding should be spent in their area. It is a catalyst for empowering young people to be local community leaders.

The leadership coaching will enable young people to define their leadership style, skills, values, and it we will help them explore their future role and opportunities as a community leader, for example, joining other local decision-making panels, volunteering in local projects, seeking employment within the public or third sector, or starting their own social enterprise.

We are currently working with the Youth Opportunities Fund team in Birmingham City Council, with financial support from the Active Citizenship Programme, managed by Be Birmingham.