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Event: 'Get Informed! Secrets Of Social Media'


Striding Out events are unique because they are facilitated by a Business Coach.

The coach will get to know you and your business, and 

support and connect you to accelerate your success.

Find out more about One to One Coaching and Group Coaching. Drop us an email to or call 0845 452 4085

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Date: Tuesday, April 07, 2009 At 06:00:00 PM
Event Type Speaker Event

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The Secrets of Social Media, 1800-2000, 7th April,

Change of Venue: The Hub Kings Cross, 34b York Way, London, N1 9AB

From Facebook to Twitter, to Linkdin to Bebo: there are ever more social media platforms connecting us to people all over the world.

The opportunities this brings are unprecedented, especially for small businesses. Entrepreneurs can now reach potential markets on a global scale at a very low cost, collaborate and communicate with a multitude of partners and compete for customers alongside multinational organisations.

On 7th April we've invited two social media experts, Joanne Jacobs and Antonio Gould , to help you devise your strategy to make the most of these new formats, and increase your bottom line.

The experts

joanne_jacobs.jpgJoanne Jacobs is an expert in social networking technologies and has been Director of a production house for social networking platforms. Joanne has provided advice to large firms on how to generate benefits from emerging technologies, and she has a long history in academia, lecturing in strategic use of information technology and internet marketing. She was co-editor of the book, Uses of Blogs, published in 2006, as well as acting as a business advisor, marketer and technology problem solver for social media.


antonio_gould.jpgAntonio Gould is a digital producer and consultant with 12ish years experience of developing all sorts of digital projects. In that time he's produced lots of websites, community platforms, managed video and audio production, designed and built online games and delivered social media strategies. Antonio will be talking about how small businesses can work on a global scale using social media.

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