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Figuring Out


Corporate Intrapreneurs


Are you a Business looking to enfuse an entrepreneurial twist in the workplace?

Are you an ambitious professional who is looking to stride out in the workplace?


Striding Out works with businesses and professionals to help them become more entrepreneurial in the marketplace and workplace respectively.  


Those who succeed in business and their career are constantly anticipating new ways and approaches to doing there job. They have vision and drive to stand out from other employees and tend to be entrepreneurial in nature.

Companies of all sizes need to continually identify new ways of developing and innovating their business and nurturing and supporting the creation of this type of environment amongst the employees is increasingly important.  

Within a Business we deliver the EnTwist Programme - How do you infuse an Entrepreneurial Twist in the Workplace . A programme focussed on nurturing entrepreneurial qualities amongst employees. 

With Professionals we offer the Spinning Out Programme - We work with professionals independently outside of the workplace to enable them to confidently stride out in the workplace.  


The Programme Content

How do you develop or manage entrepreneurial characteristics within your career?

How do you research and present ideas effectively to your manager?

How do you develop your business idea and put it into action? Entwist and Spinning Out can help you to:- 
  • Research and review your ideas effectively
  • Understand and apply business acumen to your idea. 
  • Introduce you to key business planning skills
  • Develop entrepreneurial spirit and skills
  • Have confidence in presenting and communicating ideas effectively
  • Generating buy-in and relationships with the team
  1. EnTwist is delivered in the workplace through a combination of one to one coaching, group coaching and workshops
  2. Spinning Out is delivered externally and offers professionals access to one to one coaching, group coaching and workshops as part of the main Striding Out offering