Future 100 Winners 2009 D-H

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Rob Drake-Knight, co-founder of Rapanui

rob_drake-knight-rapanui3.jpgRapanui is a leading ethical clothing company.

Our products are made from the highest quality organic natural fabrics, in Fairwear Foundation audited factories and their production is powered by renewable energy wherever possible. Our award winning model of sustainable practice has secured us business with Ben and Jerry’s and invitations to present to multinational organisations and universities.

Find out more here http://www.rapanuiclothing.com/ 

Danielle Dunn, founder of Imagine Company

22pict.jpgImagine is a creative agency that specialises in providing design and marketing services for SME's.  Inspired by the need for ‘virtual marketing' services Imagine offers a marketing and project management service for companies that basically don't have a marketing department!  We're different because we are ‘no nonsense', ‘vibrant' and place an emphasis on ‘good customer service': more talking less emailing, equals more business.

We also run ‘Just Imagine If' providing inspirational design workshops in schools to champion enterprise and raise aspirations in the region as well as launching Imagine & Co, a home shopping service bringing the department store to your door.

Find out more here http://www.imaginecompany.co.uk/  

Charles Emeka, founder of Become Speakers and Mentors



Become delivers personal development in educational and communal institutions.

We are a young dedicated team of professional keynote speakers who have a passion for training and mentoring youth within the 12 to 24 demographic. All available workshops, keynote speeches, seminars and one to one mentoring programs are primarily aimed with equipping each individual with the necessary skills for fulfilling their potential.

Find out more here http://www.become-sm.co.uk/  

Jamie Feilden, founder of Jamie's Farm

jamie.jpgJamie's Farm engages young people from challenging backgrounds who are at risk of social exclusion. This is achieved through a unique combination of a family atmosphere and strong therapeutic element, set within a farming environment. We provide an intensive experience of living and working in a family-oriented farming community, with a particular focus on success and positive praise.

Jamie’s Farm provides opportunities for achievement and reflection and helps the young people to transfer their learning about themselves and others, through successful engagement with farm activities, to their own lives in urban areas. Jamie’s Farm is a traditional mixed working farm which is enriched by young people becoming involved in the farming process.

Find out more here http://www.jamiesfarm.org.uk/   

Ruth Ferguson, founder of Olga Olsen

olga.jpgOlga Olsen is Luxury Ethical Fashion: The core ethics of the business are focused on sustainability, craftsmanship, and fair trade. Olga Olsen is concerned with products that enhance diversity, celebrate traditions, build communities, create meaningful employment and respect local environmental conditions - It is a combination of product, skill and emotional investment.

Olga Olsen is inspired by the beauty and sophistication of nature, together with the dynamism and creativity of urban life.  Olga Olsen is not just a brand, but a vehicle communicating a lifestyle.

Find out more here http://olgaolsen.com/


Laura Fitzpatrick, founder of Hello Eco Living

26pict.jpgHello Eco Living is an online eco community.  It hosts a monthly magazine, social network and place where people can blog on green topics that are important to them.

The community provides a platform for knowledge transfer – a place where people who are interested in green living can share ideas and advice with one another. By taking one eco step at a time we can make vital changes to living in a more sustainable way.

Find out more here http://helloecoliving.com/


Joe Frankel, founder of Vegware Ltd

27pict.jpgVegware is the UK's only company with a full range of totally plastic-free packaging. It specialises in the development, manufacture and distribution of eco packaging for food service and storage. The company’s success lies in its purist approach to developing its genuinely sustainable range, its innovative products and its commitment to making eco packaging an economic and practical solution.

Founded in 2006, it is Edinburgh-based and distributes out of London, shipping to throughout the UK and EU.

Find out more here http://www.vegware.com/

Angie Gough, founder of Share The Feeling

28pict.jpgShare the feeling produces Little Gifts for special occasions and events. We employ local people with learning disabilities 'The Chain Gang' in Hackney, East London. We make ‘Little Gifts of Feeling' that are great party favours or goody bags and they're exactly what you need when a greeting card just won't do.

The colourful bags (made of locally sourced cotton and ribbon) are sewn at HEBA - a social enterprise on Brick Lane providing training to immigrant women to enable them to find employment.

Share the feeling merchandise are now being sold in ten strores throughout London.

Find out more here http://www.sharethefeeling.co.uk/




Kristen Harding, founder of Green Kids Publishing

29pict.jpgGreen Kids Publishing aims to take on environmental issues facing the world today in a unique and creative fashion by looking through the eyes of its audience, children 5-11, we aim to inform, educate and entertain in a voice that our readers can understand and empathise with. 

Green Kids Publishing will educate the next generation about the effects their lifestyles are having on the planet and teach them how they can help. We aim to make difficult subjects surrounding environmental issues more accessible and less frightening through a series of informative and entertaining products. 

Find out more here www.greenkidspublishing.com

Alasdair Harris, founder of Blue Ventures Expeditions

30pict.jpgBlue Ventures is an award-winning marine conservation organisation; dedicated to working with some of the worlds poorest coastal communities to conserve threatened marine resources and the coastal livelihoods dependent on them.

In recent years Blue Ventures has won widespread international acclaim for innovative approaches to addressing the challenges faced by coastal communities - such as the creation of the largest community-managed marine reserve in the Indian Ocean Velondriake.

Find out more here http://www.blueventures.org/


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