Business and Career Coach

Do you enjoy helping others to achieve their potential?

Then think about joining the Striding Out team. 

Striding Out is looking for Coaches to join the team nationally, who are experienced and qualified to deliver coaching and training support in the areas of leadership development, business support, career support and training in coaching skills.  

The Opportunity

Our coaches are part of an entrepreneurial team who adopt the Striding Out brand and deliver our programmes in their local area as part of a franchise arrangement. Together we draw on the team's track record and experience, tender for larger contracts, achieve economies of scale on marketing opportunities, share learning and knoweldge and achieve a bigger impact overall.  

The team of coaches are supported by a core team of personnel who assist with finance, administration, business development and marketing the brand nationally.  Check out what our coaches say .

“ Striding Out has afforded me a number of opportunities as a small business to access business and contract opportunities such as the Future Jobs Fund programme which would have been difficult on my own. There are also opportunities to work with individual coaches partnering up on projects . The company pushes entrepreneurship not only to its clients but also to individual coaches encouraging them to develop their franchises. I also love having access to the cloud database system it uses allowing access from anywhere whilst offering useful resources and support through its centralised database.”  Maureen Clarke

" As a new qualified coach I was looking for an opportunity to jump straight in and use my coaching skills. I had worked on my own for 3 years previously training and had missed the support and interaction of a team. Striding Out has been the perfect solution. Its reputation in the marketplace means I have worked on some of the most amazing, varied projects with clients I would never have even got through the door if I had approached as an individual. Having a team of 20 plus other coaches of all experience and background has really helped to develop my skills and provided an
opportunity to share knowledge and resources."
Denise Chilton

“Striding Out has given me the opportunity to get involved in a range of interesting projects as well as develop my own. It also allowed me to gain new skills which will help me grow follow my passion and grow my business. For me, being part of a team and working with like-minded people has been invaluable, both in terms of coming up with new ideas as well as having the support to follow them through.”  Ana Nacif

“Over the last year being apart of Striding Out has given me the opportunity to grow as a coach, as a business woman and as a person. I have coached over 100 individuals on varying topics from their career to their personal lives to their business. It has given me the confidence I needed to be a great coach and flourish. More than just working on several different projects, I now feel part of a family. The Striding Out coaching family is something I am proud to be apart of and will continue to be apart of for years to come. In addition, I feel apart of the wider Striding Out community.  It is special and incredibly dear to me.” Quinn Simpson

“Striding Out has given me the opportunity to be exposed to the type of clients I want to work with, and the backing of SO as a company far outweighs what I would be able to do alone. It has by far been one of the best decisions I have made and the encouragement to do marketing, business development, and even admin/invoicing are skills which I can continue to use for life. Being part of the team means an opportunity to 'Knowledge Transfer', collaborate and be inspired by others. It also allows two sets of skills to be used together to win new opportunities.” Chris Davies-Anipole

If you would the like to find out more then please request an information pack from Simon Ireland-Davies, Managing Director, by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it