Andy Gillooley

andy_filmingsmall.jpgAndy Gillooley, Founder of Lovely Films

Lovely Films is a production company specialising in promotional and training films.

We offer an emotional connection with potential customers due to an awareness that audiences react well to humour. We strive to offer you light hearted and entertaining works that will show off the best parts of your company. By leaving a smile on potential client’s faces they are more likely to remember you, and if not engage in business themselves then recommend you to other consumers.

The company has progressed quickly since it was launched in summer 2009 and has seen us involved in a wide range of projects, with clients ranging from the large organisations such as the NHS to fresh start up businesses like Kicked Myself Dating. Although North West based we have already had clients from all over Britain and are branching out further with an exciting project to promote tourism in western Canada.

I started Lovely Films following the completion of my BA Hons in film and television I wanted to take the skills that I had learnt during my course to a more practical level and offer companies the opportunity to promote themselves by making people laugh.  I was surprised by the number of people who were taking their productions so seriously and wanted to take advantage of what I saw as a gap in the market, audiences respond better to being entertained and I felt able to offer businesses something that was perhaps lacking, particularly in Liverpool.

Lovely Films is already progressing faster than we could have anticipated with a much wider range of projects undertaken than we would have initially expected. Our long term goals are to maintain the level of creativity that we have displayed in existing works and to ensure that we only produce material that we would be happy to view ourselves. With this in mind it is important that we consider the jobs that we actually take on as not all businesses are suitable for promotion in this way.

I envisage that as time goes on we will look to develop more aspects to Lovely Films than just the online video service that we currently offer and branch out into online marketing and organising promotional events.

Most importantly we realise that ‘Life is Lovely, we help you to see it that way.’

Striding Out has offered invaluable support during the start-up phase with regular meeting and correspondence offering helpful not intrusive advice. The beauty of Striding Out is that they have offered an opportunity to identify potential problems and then helped us to come up with solutions, often prompting in the right direction to ensure that we were able to gain confidence in our ability to run as a company by making it a discussion rather than a lecture in success.

I would recommend that any eligible company take the time out to see what Striding Out can offer, I would imagine that each business is different but I am certain that without Striding Out the potential for us to make costly mistakes would have been far greater.