Anna Freedman, Founder of Wholefood Harmony

anna_freedman Anna Freedman, Founder of Wholefood Harmony

 Wholefood Harmony is passionate about inspiring health through delicious natural cuisine.

We run Wholefood Cooking workshops and bespoke Wholefood Events and seminars to encourage people to embrace balanced, healthy, tasty and sustainable eating. We also delight people through our gourmet Wholefood Catering and Wholefood coaching services.

Participants discover Wholefood cooking, learn about ingredients for wellbeing and create wonderful new recipes. Cooking workshops are grouped into series’ and follow themes such as seasonal or regional cuisines, ‘cooking For Vitality,’ ‘Natural Brunch’ or ‘Pure Pudding’. Workshops conclude with the enjoyment of a delicious three course meal comprising of over eight fresh dishes. Find out more here,

Anna was one of the Future 100 Award winners in 2010.

“The Future 100 Award has given Wholefood Harmony and I a unique appeal. People notice our award and feel immediately assured, intrigued and drawn to our offering. Thank you for recognising our work and facilitating others to notice us too!”

The Future 100 Awards are organised by Striding Out, to find out more visit