Ben Meaker, Nice and Serious

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Nice and Serious  are a film making company.
They deal with ethical and environmental issues which they bring to life through film.  The company make documentaries, cover events and also make promotional videos amongst other things.

Nice and Serious consists of a team of 5 members, which includes Future Jobs Fund candidates.  They decided to recruit through Striding Out as they felt that this was an amazing opportunity for their small business and allowed them to grow.  The process was easy and straightforward.

The two job roles created for the Future Jobs Fund were Production Assistant and a PR/Marketing Assistant role.  Serafima Serafimova was hired as Production Assistant.  Since starting at Nice and Easy she has progressed extremely well in her role.  Her job role allows the company to save times in productions and to raise awareness to potential clients.

Due to their successful Future Jobs Fund recruits, Nice and Serious would definitely take on another work place candidate in the future.

"The Future Jobs Fund has been extremely beneficial to Nice and Serious.  As a newly established business, we do not have the resources to recruit new staff but the Future Jobs Fund has given us this amazing opportunity to do so. We have now got a dedicated team with a diverse range of skills and experiences and this will undoubtedly help our business grow to new heights. The scheme has also helped our new employees find work at a time when unemployment levels in the UK are escalating. 

Whether you are an employer looking to take on someone or an individual seeking work, I would highly recommend signing up to this scheme."
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Serafima Serafimova is a 24 year old Production Assistant at Nice and Serious.  She has a BA Degree in Drawing from Camberwell College of Arts .  Serafima’s main ambition is to constantly obtain new skills and overcome difficulties in a field relevant to her studies.  Her ideal job would be creative and challenging and would involve working with passionate, artistic individuals.

The main challenge for finding work for Serafima was her lack of previous work experience in her desired field.  She was recruited to Nice and Easy via Striding Out and is now working to use her job opportunity to develop her skills.  She has already started learning how to do basic editing using the latest editing software, has logged video material and transcribed film interviews and conferences.  Serafima has also written articles which have been published on the Nice and Serious website.

Nice and Serious been extremely welcoming to Serafima.  Her colleagues share her interests and creative views and the atmosphere is always buzzing with creative energy and excitement.

Serafima has had one coaching session with a Striding Out coach so far which she belives has been extremely useful and has allowed her to learn about the support and various options available to further her skills and knowledge. 

"Striding Out were solely responsible for finding the perfect job for me.  After months of looking and applying for various jobs on my own I was amazed at how quickly my case was handled and a wonderful position was secured. All the people I have met and have dealt with from Striding Out have been really friendly and with an extremely professional and caring approach I felt I was in great hands! Thank you!"

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

FInd out more about the Future Jobs Fund Programme here