Chris White

Chris White, founder of GingerWhite.  
GingerWhite rents contemporary artwork to offices and businesses. 
GingerWhite provide a Rent & Rotate Art™ service, allowing clients to change the art displayed on their office walls every 6, 12 or 24 months.  The team help select suitable art for each business type and interior space, as well as deal with delivery and installation.  There are 3 people in the team in total.  
Chris at GingerWhite believed that recruiting through the Future Jobs Fund was a good opportunity for the business to bring a new person on board in order to see whether they could expand the business.  Chris liked the schemes social principles of helping a young person back into work.
Overall to-date, Chris has found the scheme very positive.  Aden Barkad, the GingerWhite Future Jobs Fund recruit has started very well. He is hard working, enthusiastic and keen to help the business grow.  He was hired for the position of Art Handler and Assistant.
Aden helps the business by doing more framing of art in-house which saves costs of paying suppliers.  He also helps to free-up the time of the owner manager.  This allows Chris to spend time on activities to win more clients and grow the business
Initially, GingerWhite interviewed approximately for people.  Aden was the best candidate as he showed a lot of enthusiasm and wanted a creative role using his hands.  He is now progressing very well in his job role.
“I'm pleased with the FJF and the good support from Striding Out team.   Aden has successfully completed his first month at GingerWhite.  He is learning new skills, adding value to the business and freeing up some of my time to focus on growing the business”.
Aden Barkad is the Art Handler for GingerWhite.  He has a Btech Level 1 & 2 in Art and Design.  Ideally, he would eventually like to become an entrepreneur. 
Aden felt that the position at GingerWhite would be suitable for his artistic background.  Aden’s job entails framing and stretching canvas paintings and photography.
He is learning new management and framing skills and believes the job is going really well.  He is enjoying himself as the job is keeping him busy.
Aden is finding his coaching support provided by Striding Out very helpful.  Coaching gives Aden the opportunity to let loose some of his ideas as well as the opportunity to create goals which he can accomplish.
The job at GingerWhite has provided Aden with framing skills that he can take to another level as well as management skills.
“My experience with the Future Jobs Fund has made me think in the sense that ‘you will never know until you try’.  The coaching support is very helpful. My coach is a wonderful person. She has given me advice on how to keep my thoughts collective and stick to my goals.”

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

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