Graham Allcott

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Graham Allcott, Think Productive

Think Productive help employees by providing productivity workshops.

The company help employees improve their time management skills, beat stress and increase their productivity skills in the work environment.  The team consist of six people in total, which includes three Future Jobs Fund employees.

Graham Alcott, Director of Think Productive, decided to recruit via Striding Out due to the fact that he believed that working with young people would be a good opportunity for everyone.  The financial side of the scheme was also appealing.

Sophia Williams was hired as an IT & Multimedia Assistant for Think Productive.  She also deals with Project Management.  Her job position is allowing the company to grow faster and become an organisation as opposed to the initial one man band. 

Graham believes that Sophia and his other Future Jobs Fund staff are progressing well in their roles.

“The Future Jobs Fund programme is particularly useful for small businesses.  Striding Out have been very easy to work with and this scheme provides a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee”. 

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Sophia Williams, IT & Multimedia Assistant

Sophia Williams is a twenty-three year old Graphic Design graduate.  Due to lack of experience, she has lost out to several job positions in her field.  However, after joining up to the Future Jobs Fund, she managed to get a job as an IT and Multimedia Assistant at Think Productive.  She is also using her degree to do some graphic design for the company.

Her initial appeal for the job was that the company was new and the hours were flexible.  She has now settled into the job comfortably and is able to communicate well with her boss.  Sophia has developed her administration skills as well as search engine optimisation.

The coaching sessions have also been insightful to Sophia.  She has learnt a lot more about herself and finds the time with the Coach helpful and positive.  She also believes that her new job has given her more confidence to do tasks which she didn’t think she was capable of doing before.

“My experience with Striding Out has been extremely positive.  I like the fact that you don’t need experience and that the job provides you with training.  I am also happy to have been given the opportunity to work within my desired career choice”. 

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

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