Jermel Williams

Green_WorksJermel Williams, Customer Service, Green-Works

Currently on a 6-month work placement under the FJF Programme.

Jermel is genuine, enthusiastic and a goal orientated individual. After completing his secondary school Jermel was shortly sent to prison. During his time at YOI Jermel had time to reflect his life and realise the goals he wishes to achieve. Jermel always had an interest in studying other cultures and embarked on one of his primary goals, to join the Travel & Tourism industry.

Jermel found employment under the Catch 22, a programme adopted by Striding Out. The programme was specifically designed to help ex-offenders with their journey to get back into the community. Our successful team ensures these individuals are engaged into employment, training or education.

Jermel’s job role involves breaking down, repairing, selling and recycling old furniture. He also interacts with customers and helps them with their enquiries. He explains his position within Green-works is giving him the experience he needed for future employment.  Jermel is determined to progress in his life despite the challenges he may face, he explains life so far has taught him to “Always remember every time you climb the ladder of success, there will be people pulling you down. It’s down to you to keep your head up and carry on.”

We assigned Jermel to one of our coaches to help him figure out his aspiring goals and overall guide him throughout his work placement onto his desired job role. Jermel describes the coaching sessions so far to be extremely helpful. We wish him all the best. 

For more information on the Future Jobs Fund, career coaching or work placements contact Striding Out on 0845 452 4085 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it