Jon Harris

jon harris launch resources.jpgJon Harris, Launch Resources

Launch Resources is a local IT specialist recruitment company. 

The company provides and qualifies the right IT candidates to add value to local businesses.  

Jon Harris decided to start this business due to his experience in the recruitment sector.  He wanted to manage his company to the best of his ability to lead it to success. 

He hopes that Launch Resources will become a household name within the IT Market in Merseyside and its surrounding areas for placing top quality candidates into new roles.  He would also like to expand his business in the future by improving his networking and opening up a few more local branches of the company.  

Striding Out helped Launch Resources by helping him produce a detailed Business Plan and also assisted him with skills for networking.  He was also provided with the opportunity to network at Striding Out Events.  Networking is a difficult process which requires a lot of confidence.  Clearly, Jon has managed to president himself and his business in a confident and professional manner in order to gain cliental.

“Striding Out helped me to improve my networking skills, thus changing my focus upon going to such events.  I no longer try and sell.  I get to know the person and the company first.  This has produced better long term results and is appreciated by the client whilst improving my pipeline business”.