Kayla Whiting

me_portraitKayla Whiting, Administrator, Poached Creative  

Kayla Whiting is a remarkable individual who is interested in expanding her experience and adopt new skills within a busy work environment. She worked as an 'Administrator' for Poached Creative, a writing and design company that brings communications expertise to charities and the social sector. 

Kayla struggled to find a job in the past, she faced numerous obstacles and was not given the chance to show her potential. Her main challenges were having limited experience as well as not having the required qualifications. 'Whilst job hunting I had no suppport or guidance, nor the resources to help me get into the industry' she claims.

When applying for the role of Administrator, Kayla decided that it would be a great opportunity for her as it would give her the chance to gain work experience in a new sector. She has already developed her organisational, marketing, leadership and prioritising skills. Kayla now hopes to achieve the skills to be able to write her own funding bids and eventually wishes to start her own social enterprise.

Kayla is very happy within her job role and is also impressed with her one-to-one coaching which she finds very useful. She also believes that her new job has given her more opportunities than she could ever have asked for.

“I would like to thank everyone involved for helping me with this position and am appreciative of all the help and support I have been given from Striding Out and Poached Creative”

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