Link Youth UK: CV Active - Liam Rooke


Explain the purpose of your Community Project:

This project was aimed at encouraging young people in the Wirral area into employment through none formal sessions on improving their CVs, job seeking skills and utilising the full potential of computers and the internet to find work.

There were three sessions planned with flexibility, to achieve this. The first session was based upon self-evaluation and skill sets. The second on utilising computers and the internet and interview skills. The third and final on Education, competences and finalising a CV.


How has Striding Out helped with your Community Project? 

 Striding Out has helped me by providing all the information on this particular funding, helping me understand the requirements to be met for achieving the funding and granting me mentorship along the projects development. In particular, Striding Out member; Donna Costello has been of great help and has helped immensely throughout the entirety of the project phases.