Lloyd Driscoll & Sarah Sullivan

Lloyd_Driscol_and_Sarah_SullivanLloyd Driscoll & Sarah Sullivan

Lloyd and Sarah are starting their own business with the Stepclever Programme.

What is your life experience?

Sarah – I missed lots of my education owing to health issues. My ambition was to be a lawyer and I went to college but didn't like the course and I left. I then joined Progress Sports on an E2E programme. I have worked as a school bus escort for disabled children. I also served people in a retail store and gained experience in dealing with customer issues.

Lloyd – I stopped going to school at 15 and was put onto the alternative learning programme which was at Progress Sports. I haven't had any jobs other than my apprenticeship.

Any qualifications?

Sarah - at school I gained 3 GCSE passes grade C and above. I got a Sports Leaders award at school when I was 15. At Progress Sports I gained a CSLA qualification, BTEC, and modules towards an NVQ.

Lloyd – At Progress Sports I got my Sports Leaders Award and the Certificate in Sports Leaders Award. I did the Apprentice pre-learning programme and achieved BTEC and my level 2 NVQ in sporting activity leadership. When I decided to start a business I passed the level 2 ILM Preparing for Business Enterprise. 

What inspired you to start your business?

Sarah – When I was in Progress Sports I could see places where improvements could be made both in terms of customers and in terms of managing staff so I wanted to run a similar but better business.

Lloyd – I thought about it because I felt that I wanted to progress. I thought that I could achieve more by having my own business than I would working for somebody else.

How did you start up? What do you do?

Sarah - I have applied for the Stepclever start up grant to buy my initial equipment. In the event that this funding is not available then I am seeking out alternative routes of initial funding to make my business a success. The business is a Sports Coaching business with two sides, one which provides beneficial sports coaching to all ages and the other side which is to train people age 16 to 19 to become sports coaches.

Lloyd – I have applied for the Stepclever grant for equipment I'll need to start up.

What are your future plans?

Sarah – I want to incorporate more activities into the business such as Mini Movers for nursery age children and walks for the elderly

Lloyd – I want to expand the company across other areas of the country

What advice would you offer to any other young people starting their own enterprise?

Sarah – I say just do it, don't wait until you're older and more experienced. Do it now while the ideas are fresh in your head.

Lloyd – I advise them to get advice from a business advisor and gain the support of family and friends

Any feedback on the help from your Striding Out coach?

Sarah – My Striding Out coach helped us with everything. We'd have been able to do the business plan but it wouldn't have been as good. We could have answered things but it would have been back to front. It's good that my coach runs businesses too.

Lloyd – I don't think we'd have been able to do it without the help of my Striding Out Coach. I couldn't have done the financial forecasts without her guidance. I like that my coach understands how running a business feels because she runs businesses too.