Marissa-Catherine Carrarini

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Marissa-Catherine Carrarini, founder of Snowsfields Wellness, a Health Food Shop and Natural Health Clinic.

The company currently has a total of thirteen practitioners as well as three other members of the team.  This is the first time they have engaged in providing work experience for young people.

Marissa-Catherine Carrarini of Snowsfields Wellness stated that the reason they decided to recruit via Future Jobs Fund was due to lack of funding at the time as well as the straight forward recruitment process.  Marissa-Catherine also found the pre-screening process very beneficial.

Striding Out provide a pre-screening process for employers which allows candidates sent to employers will be relevant to the position offered which speeds up the application and interview process.

The role created for the Future Jobs Fund scheme was a Shop Assistant/Receptionist.  Mohan Madhouri was given the position due to the fact that he got the concept of the business straight away and was also seen as a nice, genuine person at his interview.

Mohan is progressing in his role well so far.  He learns fast on the job and is quite independent.  He also takes the initiative in tasks which need to be done.

Marissa-Catherine believes that Mohan’s job position will make a difference to her company by allowing her to focus more on Administration and Marketing, whilst Mohan focuses on the running of the shop.  She also appreciates the fact that he is able to look after the business whilst she goes on maternity leave proving that he is a trustworthy and reliable person.

Marissa-Catherine is happy with the Future Jobs Fund scheme and would definitely recruit through it again.

“Through the Future Jobs Fund we have found a much needed valuable member of staff. After the six months we are hoping to keep him on as a fully paid member of staff. Striding out have been very useful and efficient.  Hopefully one day we will use the service again”.

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

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