Natasha Rooney

Natasha_RooneyNatasha Rooney, Figuring Out 

Natasha undertook a 6 month placement under the Future Jobs Fund (FJF) scheme at The People's Supermarket, which is now the subject of a Channel 4 documentary. 

What was you background before?

 “I was signing on JSA, and I was working part time at Arsenal... Before that I was in college for three years studying health and social care and I also worked at Royal Mail.”


Was it challenging getting a job?

“It was really hard getting a job. They were only looking for people with experience and I didn’t have any coming out of college.....People’s Supermarket gave me a chance to get experience.”


What do you like about working at The People's Supermarket?

“The whole outlook is really good, especially about waste.  If something has gone past it’s date, like peppers, they will make it into something  and use peppers as an ingredient.” People's Supermarket has an in house kicthen where they prepare delicious take away foods for customers using their own produce. “I also like the people I work with. It’s always something different, like with the members, you only see them once a month so you get to meet a lot of new people.”


Main Role:

“I work two main jobs, sales floor and banking.” She was hired on “originally to do admin work but then they trained me to work on the sales floor.” And now... “I am being kept on (past her FJF 6 month contract)...working on the sales floor and doing the banking." Congratulations Natasha!


What new skills did you gain?

"Using the till, stock checking, banking, pretty much everything."


What has working at the People's Supermarket done for your self esteem and confidence?

“It has built up my confidence a lot. Dealing with people every day - you got to have the confidence.”


When you started here what was your confidence on a scale of 1-10?


And now?



How has the FJF helped you for your future?

"Well obviously the admin work and banking has helped. If I wanted I could go into accounting  or I could work in another supermarket..."


Has coaching helped you?



What’s it been like being coached?

“It is helping me.  It is someone to talk to if you have a problem, or someone who will help you to get into other work.”


Natasha has been coached and supported by Striding Out coach McKenzie Cerri as part of her Future Jobs Fund Placement

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