Paul Fitzsimmons

Paul Fitzsimmons: Undertook a 6 month placement under the Future Jobs Fund Take the Lead (FJF) scheme at Elixir Foundations  in Knowsley,Liverpool.  As part of the placement an ILM Team Leader Qualification was included to provide additional development during the placement

Name: Paul Fitzsimmons

Age: 24

Job Title: Environmental Technician

Company:  Elixir Foundations

What qualifications do you have?

I left school with no qualifications so having the opportunity to do a qualification as well was really good.

What are your work ambitions/ideal jobs? 

I just want to hold down a regular job. I have really enjoyed the work at Elixir so something similar would work well.

 What were your challenges with getting a job previously?

Getting past the interview stages proved to be tricky and I use to get really nervous and lacked confidence

Why did you decide to take this job?

I took this job to get off benefits and wanted the opportunity to get into a routine and earn some money

What does your role entail?

 Elixir Foundations recycles UPVC and my job involves stripping down the plastics, de-nailing and cleaning so it can be recycled.

What are you hoping to achieve in this job role?

 Enough experience to be kept on or at least give me a good chance of getting another job

What new skills are you getting?

 I am a lot more confident and the job has also helped me get into a routine. I have also been trained in team leader skills and taken an ILM Team Leader Level 2 qualification

How is the job going? 

 I have really enjoyed it. The rest of the team all work well together and although the job is quite physical its has got easier over the months. In the winter it was really cold with minus temperatures but I didn’t let that bother me.

How are you finding the coaching support from your one to one coach? Is it helping you?

 The coaching support was provided by Denise Chilton and she has been really supportive and encouraging. She also delivered the ILM training and made the sessions really interesting and fun.

Has the job provided you with anything you could use in the future in getting a job or in the work place?

Oh yes I have much more confidence and motivation and also have lots of new practical skills that will help. Also Striding Out are helping with job support as I come towards the end of the placement.

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