Rebecca Thompson

DesignResearcherRebecca Thompson, Design Researcher, Striding Out

Completed a 6-month work placement through the Future Jobs Fund programme.

Rebecca always had a passion for creativity. Upon completing her course she decided she wanted to apply both her academic knowledge and talent within a Graphic Designer position.  Although Rebecca is a self-driven individual with an academic background in design, she found it hard to break into the industry because of her limited experience.

The Future Jobs Fund programme is designed to help young individuals realise their true potential within the workforce. Rebecca took up this opportunity with Striding Out. She joined the team as a ‘Design Researcher’ which involved generating content and design for the careers website. ‘I enjoyed all aspects of my work placement with Striding Out, it gave me the experience I needed and I gained knowledge of ideal job roles I wish to pursue.’

During her Future Jobs Fund work placement, Rebecca was assigned to one of our coaches. She regards the coaching sessions to be very constructive and helpful in planning her next step.  She explains ‘together, with my coach I was able to acknowledge my current skills and evaluate the areas in which I need to develop.  Overall, the experience was memorable and rewarding.’

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