Richard Wilde, Artybuzz

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Richard Wilde is the founder of online art and website community, is an online art website and community for artists, designers, photographers, and anyone else who has a passion for art. For those who create art, Artybuzz provides exciting new ways to exhibit and sell work online. The website gives anyone the ability to upload images of their artwork which can then be sold as fine art prints, canvases, t shirts and more.  

Artybuzz ships internationally, so their members can sell to a worldwide audience which is often unachievable normally. Also, Artybuzz is completely free to join and sell work through, meaning it’s great for emerging artists without their own websites; and also good for more established artists looking for increased exposure and places to sell.

You don’t have to be an artist to join Artybuzz, anyone can sign up and get involved in the many exciting features that Artybuzz has to offer. These include opportunities to join and create unique groups, comment on artworks, vote and enter art and design contests and much more.

Richards Wilde had two main reasons for starting Artybuzz.  One was artist focused and the other was customer focused.

Artist Focused Reason:

Richard wanted to provide a simple to use, completely free, and welcoming place for artists to get their work noticed, recognised and sold.

There are a number of websites that allow artists to sell work online, but most of them charge a fee before anything has been sold. Richard felt that it wasn’t right to charge artists to show their work.  He also felt that it wasn’t right to take money from artists in the form of a commission of sales either. Instead, Richard wanted to, and now does provide a hassle free platform where artists simply upload an image of their work which can then be sold as prints, canvases and more. Members selling work set their own price and then when something is purchased, Artybuzz manufacture and ship what is bought, sending the member the ‘mark-up’ they set on top of Artybuzz’s base manufacture costs. 

Consumer Focused Reason:

Richard wanted to provide a place where consumers can find and buy high quality and rare artworks of all kinds, suited to their individual tastes and at a great price.  There are so many places that sell mass produced prints, meaning thousands of people have the same old picture in their homes. 

Artybuzz wanted to provide a place where people can buy from artists of all kinds at a great price, and have something personal to them that hardly anyone else will have in their homes.

In the future, Richard would like his business to have many more artists showing and selling work on Artybuzz. There are currently 900 artists, photographers and designers already on the site, and Richard hopes to increase in the future.  

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