Sissy Rooney

sissyrooney.jpgSissy Rooney, Founder of Street Style Surgery

Sissy uses fashion as a medium to instil confidence and creativity within the youth of today.

I introduce young people from all backgrounds to the fashion design industry, while also teaching them how to be entrepreneurial through their own creative talent and skills. I raise awareness of all aspects of the fashion industry, eg the design process, colour and fabrics, manufacturing, branding, marketing, consumerism, costing, sales and profit margins, whilst also educating them on the ethics of the fashion industry i.e. recycling and fair trade production and manufacture.

I host all the workshops in a fun and energetic manner to children as young as age 6 and all the way up to age 25.

I have worked within many organisation including special needs schools, mainstream schools, homeless organisations, even outside in parks with the lottery funded organisation "parktastic" in order to engage young people who wouldn't necessarily go to a youth club or come into contact with any aspect of fashion education. The outcome of my lessons are above and beyond what I could ever expect, all my young people shine with so much self-confidence in seeing what they have made and achieved, they all feel like real fashion designers and wear their garment with so much pride. Some even want to go on to be fashion designers and I offer advice and guidance on courses and avenues they can take to achieve this.

Sissy Rooney is a Finalist for the UK Fashion Entrepreneur 2009. Find out more here


"Striding out has been fundamental in the setting up and successful progression of my business. The Street Style Surgery's initial break came about through the wealth of contact opportunities offered by the striding out network.  Without this network I feel that I would certainly still be trying to make these contacts.  It offers a solid support network that can always be tapped in to for advice and guidance regarding all aspects of business.  It's a great resource for like minded entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas, to learn more about the business world and discover new ways of implementing ideas."