Tashweka Anderson

Green Collar Woman  and Anderson Brown Ltd helps businesses with sustainability.

The company originally set up to help businesses and communities manage people.  They also deal with consultancy, project management, training, research and collaboration.

Anderson Brown Ltd have hired Dhruti Dattani as part of the Future Jobs Fund scheme.  They decided to go via the process due to being a new business and believing that the Future Jobs Fund would be a wonderful opportunity to grow their business, which it has done.

Tashweka Anderson of Anderson Brown Ltd is pleased with her new employee.  Dhruti manages social media and advertising.  She is working well to establish the company.  

Tashweka also believes the coaching support given by Striding Out is really helpful to work out barriers within the work environment as well as within personal life.  It benefits Dhruti at work.

“Striding Out does a great job along with the Future Jobs Fund.  This is a very unique scheme and is the best it can be”.
Dhruti Dattani is a 24 year old Social Media and Events Assistant for Anderson Brown Ltd.  She has a degree in English and Media.  Dhruti’s ideal career would be in either a Creative Design position or an Advertising Agency.

Like many other 25s in her situation, Dhruti’s previous challenges with getting a job were her lack of experience, lack of confidence and also the recession.  She decided to take the job at Anderson Brown Ltd as she felt it was a good opportunity to gain valuable skills.

Her current duties include managing the social media platforms, assisting with events, administration, marketing and website development.  She hopes to build up her skills and experience and also wishes to gain confidence in a working atmosphere.

She has already begun to develop her time management skills, planning skills, note-taking abilities, administrative and design skills.  Dhruti is finding her job challenging at times but overall it is a positive experience.  She gets on well with her manager and enjoys the work environment.

Dhruti is finding her coaching very helpful.  She believes her coach is supportive and helps her to address issues such as confidence.  The sessions allow her to address any issues which may be affecting her and also teaches her how to deal with them.

“Striding Out and Future Jobs Fund have introduced me to a new sector – the environmental sector – which I’ve never come across before.  This has shown me another possible career path as it is something I am enjoying and finding interesting.  I have developed a wide range of skills that can be transferrable and design experience which is he area of work I wish to progress in”.

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

FInd out more about the Future Jobs Fund Programme here