Toni Meredew

Account 3  is a community development and training company as well as a nursery.  
They currently have 28 members of staff, 8 of which have been recruited through Future Jobs Fund.  They also have 3 new recruits starting in March.

The company decided to join the Future Jobs Fund scheme as they thought it sounded like a great way to get a chance to build the company in a sustainable way and bring new life into the organisation.  They believe that their new recruits are a breath of fresh air.

Up to date they have found the scheme very positive.  They describe their new employees as “A fantastic bunch of people who are highly motivated and very positive with skills we need”.  

Due to the success of the program, they are keen to recruit through the Future Jobs Fund again.

“This is a great initiative and the government is very sensible to make use of the skills that exist amongst young people, by turning their benefits into a wage.  This is very imaginative and I hope they continue to do it.  It is an effective way to spend public money”.
 Akbor Ali is currently studying for an NVQ Level 3 in Advice and Guidance in order to become a Counsellor in the future.  He is also working as a Customer Care Assistant for Account 3 Ltd, a job which he was recruited to via Future Jobs Fund.  Akbor finds his current role is gaining him experience in his chosen field of advice and guidance.

He is extremely fond of his new job and hopes to be kept on permanently after six months.  He believes that he has gained a lot of confidence since starting work and has improved his communication skills.  He keeps in regular contact with his Coach and finds his sessions with her helpful and beneficial.

“I have been given the opportunity to gain experience in the type of career I wish to pursue.  Thanks to Striding Out and Future Jobs Fund, I have been able to prove to myself that I am capable of doing anything I want to do”.

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

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