zoe-and-mary-uscreates.jpgZoe Stanton and Mary Rose Cook, co-founders of Uscreates

Uscreates is an award winning creative agency.

We use collaborative approaches to improve public behaviours. The aim is a better society.

We use our skills in social research, social design and social marketing to change behaviours through communication design, public service improvement, strategy development, education, training and events. For example, we have worked for local health trusts to improve eating behaviours, local authorities to tackle anti-social behaviour and charities to improve support services.

Zoe Stanton and Mary Rose Cook founded the company in 2005 in response to their increasing awareness of the potential of design and marketing to tackle social issues. After graduating, they both worked in various design roles. We were doing things like designing luxurious shop refits, deluxe glassware and new lighting ranges. We recognised the potential to solve bigger issues using the creative problem solving skills we had as designers.

Unfortunately, we could not find jobs where we could use our skills in this way. So, we created our own jobs by founding Uscreates. Since then, we have added other disciplines to the mix to have a greater impact on these social issues.

Our vision for the future is to maximise our impact through:

  • Ensuring our impact can be measured and proven
  • Developing the best and most diverse team in the industry to deliver impact
  • Taking our innovative approaches into larger public sector organisations to deliver wider scale impact


"Uscreates have recently been doing some coaching with a Striding Out coach and I just wanted to feedback how useful we have found the sessions. She has been a really fantastic coach supporting us in developing our own future. It is also evident that she has a great deal of experience, knowledge and expertise that she fed into the sessions. We plan to work with our coach further in the future development of Uscreates as we have found these sessions so useful. 
In the past, I have been a little suspicious of the value that coaching can give, but I am a total convert now."

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