Yaw Owusu

yawsmall.jpgYaw Owusu, founder of One Hundred Global

One Hundred Global is an Urban & Youth Culture Management and Consultancy Company.

The aim is simple: to work with individuals, projects, brands and companies to help them enhance and execute their plans on a local, regional, national or/and international level.

Generally I do what I do because I hold 5 values quite high in my priorities.

These are 1. Progression 2. Equity 3. Autonomy 4. Fairness  and 5. Fulfillment.

My choice of business and business activities have allowed me to work under these five values the way no other activity could. More specificially One Hundred Global has been set up by the same people who founded and managed the awarding winning URBEATZ as a direct response to a growing demand to offer support to various individuals, groups, brands and companies with their projects within the realms of Urban and Youth Culture.

Personally I felt there was a huge gap within the region for a company like this and felt our staff team were uniquely skilled and gifted and supremely experienced in this area and could offer a dedicated and bespoke action plan for all clients in order to bring about the application and execution of said plan. I really want to offer flexibility in regards to timescale and terms of engagement that makes this service truly second to none. Additionally I think there is scope for this business to grow systematically over the next 10 years.

My vision is for One Hundred Global to be known as a Urban and Youth Culture agency that adds excellent value on both a corporate level and a grassroots level to its client base by enhancing and executing bespoke plans. I want and expect the company to work on local, regional, national and eventually international levels with top brands, individuals and companies. The customer satisfaction and the overall project execution will act as One Hundred's living resume. One Hundred Global will be a new style of urban management and consultancy company and will hopefully provide a fresh model in regards to the management of youth and urban projects, acts and events.

Striding Out has been helpful by providing me with a business coach who has offered me guidance and support when setting up this new organisation. Further I have also enrolled in the Business Growth programme which has helped refine my business plan and understanding on how and where my business will grow! I would encourage any entrepreneuer to engage with Striding Out if they can.