Discover the Benefits of Corporate Community Investment

Coaching Skills

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A large percentage of top performing employees feel taken for granted and disempowered by their employers in today’s economic climate.  One reason for this is that senoir management often focus their attention on the loyalty of their customers and share holders, and not the loyalty of their employees. 

One solution is Corporate Community Investment (CCI), a subcategory of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Research has shown that forms of CCI employee involvement including volunteering and mentoring increases team work, communication, confidence, innovation, listening skills, problem solving and personal contribution for employees. Mentoring in the community can increase the efficacy and productivity of both the mentor and the mentee.

Studies by the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) shows that not only does brand loyalty increase due to community employee involvement, customer loyalty does as well.

From google to the government – the value of CSR/CCI has become apparent. Corporate Community Investment mentoring programmes:

  • build morale in the workforce
  • support employees to develop new leadership and time management skills
  • increase employee morale, retention, attendance and loyalty
  • increase employee innovation, creativity, ability and performance
  • foster team spirit and individual commitment
  • enhance identification with the values and goals of the employer
  • enhance the company reputation
  • assist HR challenges by increasing moral and motivation
  • improve relationships with the community
  • improve the lives of those touched by the programme
  • build positive relationships with other organizations

 So what are you waiting for... consider how CCI can not only impact your community but your organisation too!

MPower – part of the Striding Out Brand specialising in training people to use mentoring as a powerful personal development and empowerment tool. MPower works directly with individuals, schools, universities, mentoring organizations, corporations and CSR departments to increase the efficacy of mentors and mentoring programmes ROI. Unlike most mentoring programmes, MPower’s services are based on the principles of coaching used to unlock and develop a mentee’s natural abilities.

As experts in the field - MPower :

  • Designs tailored mentoring training workshops accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management to provide in house and community mentors with valuable coaching tools.
  • Offers bespoke mentor consultancy services for schools, universities, organizations and CSR departments to maximize positive impact on society.

For more information email or call 020 3303 0468 and ask about what Mpower can do for your team!