Future Jobs Fund

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Striding Out is proud to be delivering the Future Jobs Fund Programme

The Future Jobs Fund provides

  • employers with a grant to cover the salary costs of a young person working for 6mths

  • unemployed young people, aged 18-24, with a paid 6mth work placement

We currently looking for employers to provide exciting job opportunities for young people.

ARE YOU AN EMPLOYER - Submit a Job for a Young Person

Criteria for Job Roles:
  • The job role has to have an ethical, social, cultural or environmental focus and impact.  
  • It has to be for a min of 25hrs a week.
  • Suitable for a young person, aged 18-24 to undertake. 
If you can provide such a job, then please register your interest here, to receive a full application form.   

Each organisation receives a grant to cover the cost of wages of employing a young person for 25hrs per week over a period of 6 months, as well as hands-on coaching package to support the young person during the 6 month employment period.


An Overview


The Future Jobs Fund is providing around £1 billion to support the creation of jobs for long term unemployed young people and others who face significant disadvantage in the labour market.


The Fund aims to create 150,000 jobs, which have a social and/or environmental focus.


The jobs are aimed primarily at 18-24 year olds who have been out of work for a year.

The fund is run by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG).

Striding Out's role


Striding Out is looking to engage local organisations and social enterprises who can provide job(s) with a social, environmental or cultural focus within their company for young people

Your contribution

  • To create extra job(s) in your organisation, for a min of 25hrs a week, lasting for a 6 month period.
  • To provide a job role or work that will benefit local communities or the environment;
  • To give an indication of when the job opportunities would start.
  • To provide a full job specification on request.
  • To have adequate legal requirements in place to employ people.
  • To give an indication as to whether the job could lead into permanent employment

What you will receive in return

  • You will have the opportunity to interview candidates for the job role (s)
  • You will receive a grant to cover the wage of the young person working 25hrs a week, equal to the national minimum wage.  
  • The young person will receive a hands-on coaching support package during their time in employment.

Together we can inspire and make a difference to young people.


The value of your contribution

As well as making a significant contribution to the Government’s guarantee for young people, it will also provide much needed and valuable support to other people who have been out of work and on benefit for around a year. This dual approach ensures that young and disadvantaged people do not lose touch with the labour market.