Future Pioneer Campaign to place 100 Young People into a 100 Jobs


Striding Out has launched the Future Pioneer campaign with the aim to placing of 100 young people into 100 new job opportunities within social businesses between April and June 2011.

Last year, Striding Out supported over 700 young people into job opportunities within social businesses and this year we want to double our impact, this campaign is just a start!

Young people are the business leaders of the future and we all need to play a part in teaching young people about responsible business practices and social enterprise . If we provide them with the right support and insight now they can become the pioneers of the future who deliver business in a responsible way.  


Can you help us create a sea change?

Following a fantastic response at the Social Enterprise Coalition Voice 11 we're off to a fabulous start and secured 34 pledges for new jobs in a day! That leaves 66 to go!

We are looking for employers who can offer six month job opportunities to school leavers or graduates as part of the following programmes:-


If you are looking for an employee to undertake business administration or customer service roles then an apprentice could be perfect for you. An employer pays just £400 a month for a school-leaver on an apprenticeship programme. The apprentice works 4 days for the employer and spends 1 day a week in training learning essential new skills relevant to their role.  


If you are looking for an graduate who is skilled and resourceful to help lead a new project or campaign then the Aspire to Lead programme could be right for you. Alongside the six month employment opportunity, the graduate also takes part in our Leadership Development Programme accredited a Level 3 Leadership and Management Qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management Qualification.  

To request further details about either of these programmes please complete our web enquiry form by clicking here