What Next For Me?

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What Next For Me?

29th September 2010, 12pm- 4pm 
Marriott Hotel, One Queens Square, Liverpool, L1 1RH

Are you 16-24 years old, bored and fed up with no money and nothing to do? Do you want to make some money and do something different? Well come along and find out how.

If you or someone you know is aged 16-25 and lives in the Anfield, Everton,County, Kirkdale, Linacre or Derby wards of Liverpool, currently not working and is not sure of what to do next then the 'What next for me?' events are the place to be. Taking place on the 24th September and 29th September, at these events will have our coaches on standby and the chance to meet a wide range of support professionals who can help with the information that's needed.

Whether it's finding a great course to study new skills, choosing a job or even becoming your own boss, we will be able to offer free support to find out what options best suit. The events are free and all you need to do to attend is register!

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