Take a Break

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So it’s summer holiday time and you want to think about taking a holiday – or do you?

Many business owners never get a break from their company – and often the reasons are the absence of processes that run the business – and the saboteur driven fear about what you’ll come back to after the break.

In our ‘constant contact’ world of blackberries, iphones, laptops, mobile broadband and 24/7 connectivity, you have the chance to design a way to have a break fron your business in a way that meets your physical needs to relax and recharge your batteries.

So – how can you build a strategy that allows you to have a quality vacation and still have a business to come back to?


  1. Devise a plan for what is likely to happen during your absence
  2. Think about who you have in your team/network that can hold the fort whilst you’re away
  3. Have a clear escalation strategy for how you can be contacted in a real emergency
  4. Discuss what constitutes a real emergency and what doesn’t
  5. Choose some that you trust and prepare for your absence with the same diligence you’d approach tendering for a contract or preparing a client brief

These simple steps will allow you to take a much needed break and return to your business ready to tackle your next set of goal. Research has shown that people who prioritise self care can be up to 50% more efficient than people who are burned out. How near to burn out are you?

Striding Out is able to support with topics like this – with coaching an ideal compliment to the above – allowing you to explore your options, put a solid plan in place and then jet off to the sun knowing that your business is in great hands.


 Email coaching@stridingout.co.uk for more information.