Understanding Yourself and Others Using DISC

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Every individual has their own unique personality type and in business it’s important to understand yourself and others, to build effective working relationships and partnerships. 

To understand your own profile and others you can use a Personality Profiling Tool called DISC. 

DISC identifies your dominant personality traits which can be used to an incredible advantage in the work place.  This profiling system can identify how we are motivated and how we communicate with others.  It can show us what we are like and how our traits can be used to an advantage. 

The  personality traits of DISC are:
D - Dominant, Direct, Decisive, Forceful and Pioneering

I - Influencing, Inspiring, Optimistic, Friendly, Talkative, Charismatic

S - Steady, Stable, Solid. Patient, Loyal, Practical

C - Compliant, Cautious, Precise, Sensitive, Analytical, Diplomatic

Why is DISC Important?

DISC allows you to explore your personality and gives you a better understanding of who you are and why you behave in a certain way.  It allows you to appreciate and value the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type which then creates an instant awareness of self and others.

DISC also allows you the opportunity to deal with conflict due to personality clashes.  It allows you to approach each person in the way they wish to be treated as every personality requires a different method of approach.  

The outcome of this particular form of personality should be to create a balanced team in the work environment.  Everyone should be able to understand themselves and each other.

What does DISC Measure?

How a person solves problems and responds to challenges.
How a person attempts to influence and persuade others.
The pace at which a person responds to change.
How a person responds to rules and regulations.

What does DISC tell us about ourselves?

1. How we are motivated
2. What environment we prefer
3. How we achieve goals
4. How we communicate with others
5. How we prefer others to communicate with us

People are different... PREDICTABLY different and this can be harnessed to be your greatest strength in teams at work, family, friends and community.

If a person communicates according to your behavioural preference, you are more likely to open the doorway of communication and respond positively.  When we appreciate both differences and similarities in people, we lay aside ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ labels. 

DISC Results

DISC results are measured in 3 ways:
Public self (mask) – How others see you
Private self (core) – Instinct.
Perceived self (mirror) – Self perception
This links in with the Johari window:

The idea behind the Johari window is to expand Window No.1 (Known Self) and to slowly decrease the sizes of the other three windows in order to create a more open personality, both for you and for those around you to see.

‘In order to be understood, we must first seek to understand’ (Steven Covey)

If you are interested in having your own DISC Profiling done please contact emma@stridingout.co.uk 
You may be entitled for funding, so please enquire for further information. 
Article by Shakira Fernando
Ref: Emma Queralto