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Useful websites to help you grow your business responsibly

Information about Opportunities for Small Businesses to be socially responsible.

Newsletter for socially responsible business.

ActionAid Recycling reduce waste by collecting empty printer, photocopier and fax cartridges, and unwanted mobile phones; and reduce poverty by giving 80%, minimum, of their profits to ActionAid, the charity, who work with over 9 million of the world's poorest people.

Every year in the UK approximately 2.5 million computers are dumped in landfill sites. This site helps reduce that figure.

The Carbon Trust provides free, practical advice to business and public sector organisations to help you reduce energy use. Saving energy saves you money - and helps combat climate change by cutting carbon emissions.

Envirowise offers UK businesses free, independent, confidential advice and support on practical ways to increase profits, minimise waste and reduce environmental impact.

Waste Watch Business Network -

NetRegs - designed to help small businesses navigate through the maze of environmental legislation.

New Academy of Business - founded in 1995 by Anita Roddick to provide entrepreneurs, managers and organisational leaders with the insights and capacities necessary to respond progressively to the emerging challenges of sustainability and organisational responsibility.

Get informed, Get outraged, Get active - Anita Roddick's weblog on human rights, social responsibility and making a difference.


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