Aspring To Lead

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This year marks an all time high for the number of graduates seeking employment. As University exams loom in the summer months, soon a new fresh faced bunch of twenty-something year olds will enter the already congested arena of hopeful graduates battling to secure their first job.

Blood, tears, toil and sweat will be shed as graduates have been taking drastic action to get noticed. Publicity stunts include one young History graduate from the University of Manchester walking around London with a billboard style CV, while others have refused to shave until they succeed in their quest for employment.

With such a plethora of options for employers how can they make that important decision that takes Lord Sugar months before he finally utters the words “You’re Hired”?

Social Enterprise Striding Out has launched a new scheme that seeks to solve this problem. “Aspire to Lead” is a leadership programme that promises to find employers exceptional candidates who have real leadership potential and can join an organisation, take the initiative and tackle a project with intelligence and impeccable management skills. Each candidate will receive leadership and management training and work towards an accredited ILM qualification.

Is the Aspire to Lead Programme for you?


  • Are you looking to recruit an enthusiastic, intelligent and affordable member of staff to co-ordinate a specific project?
  • Are you keen to recruit a recent graduate who shows true leadership potential, who aspires to help an organisation grow and achieve results?
  • Are you committed to developing the management and leadership skills of your staff to help them achieve results and exceed expectations?
  • Striding Out asks the employer for a £3,000 one off payment towards the graduate’s leadership and management training.


Although Aspire to Lead candidates do not have to jump through hoops and face gruelling tasks to get hired there is a strict vetting process that ensures that the most dynamic and driven candidates are chosen. Each graduate is placed with an organisation for a six month period as an intern or as a paid member of staff. Each placement is specifically tailored to the requirements of each employer.


To register your interest in the Aspire to Lead programme contact Striding Out now!


Aspire to Lead Project Co-ordinator:  Sofia Ahmad on 0203303046/