Jessica Smith

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Jessica Smith, Poached Creative

Poached Creative is a writing and design company.

They bring communications expertise to charities and the public sector.  Poached Creative consists of a team of 4 and provides work placements for long-term unemployed people to learn about communication.

Poached Creative decided to recruit through Future Jobs Fund due to being able to offer a new opportunity to a young person, whilst getting a much-needed extra set of hands to help with all things Poached.  The company have employed Kayla Whiting as an Administrator and she has since sought out funding that Poached Creative are eligible for, organised contacts and sorted out promotional filming for activities.Kayla was hired due to her keen interest and enthusiasm at her interview as well as her friendly personality.  Since starting work she has made the most of every opportunity given to her and is constantly learning and applying her new knowledge to her work.“Striding Out has helped us find an energetic and enthusiastic young person to join our team and we hope for her to progress in our company” poached kayla whiting cropped.jpg

Kayla Whiting, Administrator

Kayla Whiting is a 20 year old Administrator who works for Poached Creative.  She would ideally like to progress in her current job role and eventually move onto becoming a Project Manager. 

Kayla struggled to find a job in the past due to having a lack of experience as well as no relevant qualifications.  She also had no support or guidance, nor relevant resources to help her with her job hunt.

When applying for the role of Administrator, Kayla decided that it would be a great opportunity for her and it would give her the chance to gain work experience in a new sector. She has already developed her organisation, marketing, leadership andprioritising skills.  Kayla now hopes to achieve the skills to be able to write her own funding bids and eventually wishes to start her own social enterprise.Kayla is very happy within her job role and is also impressed with her one-to-one coaching which she finds very useful.  She also believes that her new job has given her more opportunities than she could ever have asked for.

“I would like to thank everyone involved for helping me with this position and am appreciative of all the help and support I have been given from Striding Out and Poached Creative”

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

FInd out more about the Future Jobs Fund Programme here