Jonathan Brookes

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Jonathan Brookes, Lakehouse UK

Lakehouse UK is a privately owned building contractor company.

They have roughly 300 employees working in various building sites and specialise in the public sector.

Lakehouse UK decided to work with the Future Jobs Fund and decided to recruit through Striding Out due to the professionalism of the company.  This was also due to the fact that they provide funding and training as well as coaching for young people they place into jobs .  They have found the process very good up to date, with good support, and have been able to create new positions which they wouldn’t have been able to create before.

The company have created 4 new positions for the Future Jobs Fund.  These are Contract Administrator, Human Resources, Community Development Officer and Multi-Skilled Trainee.  They have found that the new staff members have made their business stronger and have benefited their trade.  They are keen to offer more placements to young people in the future.

“The Future Jobs Fund is a scheme which has been long needed in today's society.  I have been pleasantly surprised at the standard of the employees I have recruited and think that the Coaches are a great help".

19 year old Aaron Whittingham was unemployed for almost a year before being referred to Striding Out via the Future Jobs Fund.  He struggled to find work in the past and was losing his confidence.  After meeting with his Striding Out Coach, Aaron was given the inspiration and boost he needed to get back into the work force.

He was given an interview opportunity with Lakehouse UK, a construction company and managed to get himself a job.  He currently fits bathrooms and kitchens as well as doing handyman jobs and is hoping to use the skills he has learnt to become a Carpenter. 

Aaron has made a good impression at work and they are paying him for him to start a Carpentry Course in September this year.  He believes that this job has given him his confidence back and he no longer afraid of meeting new people. 

“Striding Out is a great scheme.  Without them I would never have had the opportunity to get this job.  They are the reason I’m back at work and the reason why I’ve got my confidence back!”


About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period.