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business_growth2_copy.jpgFocus on Growing your Business

The skills and behaviours required to grow a business are different to those required for a successful launch. We all know that the success rate of new businesses is very low and if you are a small business owner you should congratulate yourself on getting to where you are today.

Get Prepared to Grow

In order to grow, you will need to:-

  • Review your business model 
  • Create a new strategy for growth 
  • Find new opportunities
  • Create sound processes 
  • Start building a larger team
  • Change your leadership and management style 
  • Focus on the future rather than the day to day.

This is a transition some small business leaders find difficult to make and as a result they become the barrier to their own company's growth.

The Business Growth Programme

Striding Out has designed a programme to help small business owners to take a step back from the day-to-day and look to the future. The programme will help you develop strategies for growth and develop as a leader.

The programme is run by professional coaches and it consists of:-  

  • A series of three half-day workshops over 2 months
  • A series of one to one coaching sessions over 6 months

This combination of activities will give you the opportunity to step back from daily tasks, strategise and implement your actions to see actual results during the timescale of the programme.

At the end of the programme you will leave with personal and business development strategies and an action plan for the next 1-3 years.

How coaching can help - Client Casestudy

victoria.jpgVictoria Brown, founder of High Performance

High Performance provides Human Resource Outsourcing services to SME's.




The Business Coaches

The programme is run by:-

All are professional business coaches, with experience of performing successfully in business themselves and of running their own businesses. 

Programme overview

The Business Growth programme helps small business owners take a step back from the day to day running of the business and look to the future. The emphasis is on each participant thinking about their own business and ultimately:

  • Define a vision for the future
  • Understand their personal leadership style
  • Set growth targets
  • Create strategies for growth
  • Develop an action plan

The programme consists of three workshops and a 6mth programme one to one coaching sessions to support you on your journey.

Workshop 1 October

  • Define your long term vision and goals
  • Gain clarity about your current situation
  • Explore the strategic options for growth
  • Develop a robust strategy

Workshop 2 October

  • Remind yourself why you started your business in the first place
  • Understand the importance of strong leadership to take business forward
  • Become more aware of your personal leadership style how you need to develop to support your strategies for growth

Workshop 3 November

  • Turn your strategies into clear plans for action
  • Create a personal development plan
  • Define how you will evaluate progress
  • Reflect on what you have learnt and consider how you can get the most out of the six month one-to-one 1 coaching programme.

Find out more and register for the programme in LONDON or LIVERPOOL

Funding is available to eligible business owners to participate for free or at reduced cost on this programme.



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Our business coaches are here to help. Find out more about our business coaching services or email us at coaching@stridingout.co.uk to arrange a chat with one of our coaches.