Friday 15th April

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It’s been a busy week in the Striding Out London office. With our Future Pioneer programme well under way we’ve been looking for premises where we can recruit and give our young apprentices a taste of sales before their interviews. We think we’ve found somewhere that’s perfect...and fingers crossed!

Kyle and Sean from the London office, together with coach Fiona Biggins, spent an afternoon at talking to Twickenham based businesses about taking on young apprentices. Amongst them were Shine marketing (@Shinemarketing) who have left the city for the leafy suburbs.  Winner of a bottle of Champagne for being willing to take on eager young people were Expedient Print.

Heather has also updated our Social Responsibility page with details of how we were able to help people during 2010.  One of the most fulfilling ways we can help people is to see them flourish in their career and business.

Priya Patel was recruited as an Expeditions Assistant for Blue Ventures."I was looking for a job in vain for 6 months. As a recent graduate I was feeling pretty low but then was advised by my job advisor to look through Future Jobs Fund. A couple of days later I had my first interview with a coach from Striding Out and less than a week later I was employed! They took on board everything I had told them about what I wanted to do career wise and directed me to the most relevant jobs I could never have found by myself – I’m just gutted I didn’t know about them sooner!”