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Figuring Out

Lily Lapenna

lilylapenna2.jpgLily Lapenna, Founder of MyBnk

MyBnk is an educational social enterprise that provides young people with the skills to manage their money effectively.

MyBnk has created the first ever FSA friendly youth led banking scheme run by young people for young people, allowing them to save and take out interest free loans for the setting up of enterprising activities. This is accompanied by high-powered assemblies, workshops and projects on ethical banking, money management and ideas generation.

Our innovative educational services are designed to increase young peoples' financial and enterprise capability, as defined by the Department for Children Schools and Families. MyBnk works in secondary schools, colleges and youth groups.

Lily was awarded the Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008, by the Edge Upstarts Awards

'Striding out has helped me lay the foundation for MyBnk to grow from a single pilot project in Tower Hamlets to a social enterprise working with 10,000 young people across London. The striding out bootcamp, group coaching circles and individual coaching sessions have helped me to develop a clear vision, to consolidate a strong team, to build effective networks and to do all this with a constant sense of fun and passion. I reccomend becoming part of Striding Out to all social entrepereneurs'