Growth and Succession

Going for Growth

Once your business is up and running and you've learned to work as much 'on' the business as you do 'in' the business, you need to focus on continued growth, development and success.

When preparing for growth you will need to:-

  • Review your brand values and vision
  • Engage your team in the decision making  
  • Update your business strategy
  • Fine-tune your marketing and communication strategy
  • Research your competitors and market opportunities 
  • Plan the team you will need to recruit  
  • Decide on the right business model to adopt
  • Secure the financial investment you need to grow

Need any help?

Our Business Coaches can assist you in:-

  • Reflecting on the past and developing the future vision for the business  
  • Facilitating a team business strategy day
  • Creating a new business strategy
  • Reflecting on suitable different business models for growth
  • Achieving and effective marketing and communication plan
  • Defining roles and responsibilities and recruitment of the team
  • Preparing for pitch to investors  

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Our coaching and training is provided on a chargeable basis, but we can access funding to provide free business support to certain groups of entrepreneurs who meet the eligibility of the funding provider. Please enquire to find out more.

Client Casestudy

lilylapenna_future_100.jpgLily Lapenna, Founder of MyBnk

MyBnk is an educational social enterprise that provides young people with the skills to manage their money effectively.


Useful Articles

Ways to Increase your Revenue

Planning and Managing Growth

suzanne_cleal_small.jpgby Suzanne Cleal, Striding Out Business Coach

There are many ways in which a business can grow their commercial revenue through the development of new income streams.

To grow a business, the founder(s) have to balance building and developing a team, with developing new and existing income streams of the business. This can be a struggle, particularly if the founder is very entrepreneurial and likes to focus on developing new ideas before building the foundations of their first ideas, to enable them to flourish.

At the point of a business growing beyond it's founder(s), it is critical to develop a clear vision for existing and new revenue streams. Once the strategy is agreed it must be communicated to all members of the team with delegated responsibilities. This ensures everyone in the business is moving in the same direction and the future growth of the business is not restricted to the energy and initiative of just one person.

This will enable the small business and founder to maintain it's entrepreneurial spirit within a structured framework that will ensure the future success of the business.

Ways to Increase Your Revenue

A number of ways to increase your revenue are discussed below...

Customer development

Customer development should always be the first consideration when looking at growth opportunities. It has always been said that it costs ten times more to acquire a customer than to retain one! This is a simplistic view but it never ceases to amaze me how many business owners focus time and energy (and therefore money) on sales to new customers, forgetting the potential value that is available to them through existing customers.

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Recipe to Business Success

Planning and Managing Growth


There is a recipe for achieving business success, which you need to know.


The entrepreneur is a key ingredient, but your role needs to be mixed and complemented with other ingredients to achieve the right results.


Research undertaken by Cranfield School of Management gives us an insight into creating the right recipe for success....

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Creating a Franchise Model

Models for Growth

Creating a franchisee model is about creating a framework manageable by others.

  • The Franchisor is reponsible for protecting and growing the brand
  • The Franchisee is responsible for following the system

The Franchisor should be focussed on:-

  • Building and Maintaining the Brand
  • Developing the Operational System
  • Supporting the Franchisees
  • Continually Developing the Business

Within this article we look at the key stages of developing a Franchise Model.

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Is Franchising suitable for your Business

Models for Growth

What is Franchising

A business ‘partnership’ in which one party permits the other ‘partners’ to replicate a proven business system, operating under a common brand, in return for initial and ongoing fees. It allows a third party to legally copy your business in exchange for an upfront payment and ongoing management services fees.

To franchise a business you need the following factors:- 

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Business Models for Growth

Models for Growth

There are a number of business models you can adopt to grow your business. We have outlined details of different models below with own particular advantages and disadvantages and what will be required to ensure success.

 The models you can consider are:

  • Organic growth
  • Joint Ventures
  • Franchising
  • Licensing
  • Agency
  • Distributors

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