Interested in becoming a Business Mentor?

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The Mentoring Opportunity

Do you....

Want to give something back? ... Share your experiences? .... Enjoy helping others? ....Develop your mentoring skills?

We are on the lookout for skilled individuals to volunteer their time to support our young entrepreneurs to successfully start or run a business.

Our coaches call on our bank of mentors to help our coaching clients overcome specific gaps in their knowledge or expertise.

If you have expertise in a skill or industry and are interested in the opportunity, then please read on…  

We are looking for mentors who have...

  • Expertise on a specific industry, or

  • Skills in Finance, Legal, IT, Marketing, PR or Export/Trade.

To offer time to....

  • Provide a number of 1-to-1 sessions to share expertise or knowledge

  • Speak at a monthly networking event

  • Run a training workshop

  • Provide articles for the website

  • Offer a work placement

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One to One Mentoring

As a mentor you will conduct a one off 1.5hr meeting with a young entrepreneur over the phone or face to face to discuss the specific topic.  You would:
  • Provide time on a voluntary basis
  • Prepare in advance of the mentoring session
  • Discuss the topic in question and help brainstorm or review ideas and provide useful contacts.
  • Be supportive, motivational and insightful during the session.
  • Participate in the evaluation of the scheme

You are not expected to coach a mentee, and you will not be provided with any training or support.

We wish to work with individuals who are already equipped in their knowledge or area of skill to help the young entrepreneur overcome their challenges.  We do not expect you to have experience setting up or growing a business, however we would expect:
  • Experience and skills in Finance, Legal, IT, Marketing, PR, Export/Trade or within a specific industry (with qualification / proof)
  • Enthusiasm to help young entrepreneurs
  • Good listening skills
  • Confident problem solving ability

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