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One of the main issues with choosing a new career or job is not really knowing what it’s REALLY like on a day-to-day basis.


It may sound great from the outside but how do you know that it isn’t completely different on the inside?

If you are looking to start a new career, Figuring Out can help you find out the truth by identifying suitable companies and then organising work experience placements, opportunities which are usually only accessible by students.

Using the experience and network of business contacts through Striding Out, we help those of you who are already working and progressing up the career ladder. We’ll connect you to companies that could potentially offer flexible placements to suit your needs as well as theirs.

Figuring Out clients pay an affordable fee for being connected to organisations that can provide the right type of work experience opportunities. Fees can vary depending on the needs of our client and the type of experience/placement they are looking for. 

To discuss your needs please contact one of our team at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or contact 0203 303 0468.  


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Work Experience Success Stories

Types of Experience

Here are some of the people who have used the Figuring Out Work Experience service:

“The Coaching helped me to refine my areas of interest, and Figuring Out then connected me to four companies to gain different experience. These were fantastic opportunities, which included working with Polecat, co-owned by the former Head of Innovation at Microsoft UK; and working on a piece of government research for Freshminds.”

(Simon, 30, London)

“My Coach connected me to MDs of some interesting small companies, including Eudemonic, Nubastar and Being Elemental relevant to my interests within the creative arts and events; I had a great time learning about their various projects. It has broadened by knowledge of businesses in this world and the different options available to inform my choices going forward.”

(Leo, 24, London)

“I recently graduated from a Masters degree and I was looking for a part-time placement whilst I developed my own businesses. Striding Out was great in introducing me to the perfect business –! The placement gave me a decent salary and experience that far exceeded my expectations. I’ve gained an intimate knowledge of the business, its workings and the roles of its employees and I’ve been given loads of useful advice. The roles and responsibilities that I took on are going to look excellent on my CV and the experience was definitely worthwhile. After the placement came to an end they asked me to continue working with them.”

(Jon Wood, 24, Manchester).

“The placement was very rewarding on a professional level because I developed my skills in marketing, communication, computing etc. and my knowledge of fair trade. On a personal level, I gained self confidence and autonomy, thanks to Brian who gave me responsibilities and let me take initiatives.  I am very happy of this work experience and strongly recommend students to work in social businesses such as Fairgift.”  

(Mathilde Duchez, 22 France)


Developing Skills Outside of Work

Types of Experience

Do you want to develop your skills and responsibilities but you've found you've hit a glass ceiling  in your current career and you can't progress into a new career without the additional experience or skills?

It's a problem, so whats the solution...

Well, there is a solution and that is upskilling yourself outside of the work place, so you can progress your development at your own free will.

It is important to find suitable experience as well undertaking training and having the right support to ensure you develop the best skill set possible.

Here are some ideas...

Leadership and Management Skills - If you are looking to develop your leadership and management skills, you could attend a training course or sign up to an e-course and look to participate in a suitable activity.

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Donate yourself to charity, boost your CV and get paid

Types of Experience

We’ve been approached by the Vodafone Foundation’s World of Difference UK to tell you about a fantastic opportunity for you to boost your CV and get great experience within the third sector.

World of Difference UK is giving over 500 people the opportunity to undertake two month paid placements with a UK charity of their choice; funded by the Vodafone Foundation. The deadline for applications is fast approaching (3rd November) and is a great opportunity for anyone who has the passion, drive and commitment to donate themselves to charity.

See further information on the program below:

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