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Brayley is a quarterlife crisis survivor through career coaching

Brayley Pearce: Quarterlife Career Crisis Survivor

Having worked for big and SME companies, as well as running my own, I suddenly found myself without a business to run, a job and no ‘conventional’ career path to fall back on, something I was certainly not planning on happening at my age and it knocked my confidence. So I hit a ‘quarterlife’ crisis, without even knowing there was one to hit!

What did you do to survive the Quarterlife crisis?

I went back-to-basics. I re wrote my CV, reviewed all the parts of my working life to see what I liked/didn’t like and thought hard about what I wanted over the next ten years in terms of work/life balance. I decided to go to University and get the degree I always wanted to do.

What happened as a result of coaching?

Coaching helped me identify talents and skills I had, which, previously I hadn’t thought were unique and/or special. It also ‘allowed’ me time to really critically analyze what I thought was important to me in terms of what work and having a ‘career’ meant to me.

Where you are now?

I have only recently finished my coaching but already it has given me a very new and welcomed boost to approaching new projects, networking opportunities and employment options. I have also completely re-worked my CV to reflect my new goals and which focuses on my true skills and talents.

And one hope for the future.

Having hit the quarterlife crisis – my hope for the future is to avid the mid life crisis!

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