Elle Johnson


Elle Johnson, Striding Out

Elle has just completed a six month contract at Striding Out as a Marketing and Events assistant, with the Future Jobs Fund Programme.

Upon finishing college with A levels Elle struggled to find work as there were a limited number of jobs available and the ones that were available demanded higher levels of experience than she actually had. When presented with the opportunity to join striding out Elle thought it would be a good fit as they support young people and give you opportunities to develop skills at a much quicker paced than other organisations.

“The Experience has been a real eye opener; I hope they keep the future jobs fund programme running so more young people can grow from this project.”

At Striding Out Elle works as a marketing assistant and also assists with events, this has allowed her to develop skills in marketing that she may necessarily not have got otherwise. During her time at Striding Out Elle has gained a lot of new skills - 

“Career Coaching has really helped me find a direction and future jobs fund has allowed me to learn so many new skills which look great on my C.V, the staff have been really supportive and it has really given me some direction.”

Elle has enjoyed the challenges learning a new skill each day has brought and will take a lot away from the experience,

“I Have learnt so many new skills that will really maximise my chances of getting a job after Striding Out.”

If you would like to learn more about our Future Jobs Fund Programme, or Career Coaching please contact us on 0203 303 0468.