Lennie Finch


Lennie Finch, Striding Out

Lennie Finch has just completed a six month Future Jobs Fund placement on the Follow My Leader programme in Birmingham for Striding Out as an artist researcher.

As an artist researcher Lenny is able to interview and research careers in the arts. Through career coaching Lenny has discovered that following the placement he would like to set up his own business a boutique art gallery for students who have just finished the studies.

Prior to taking up a Future Jobs Fund placement Lenny struggles to get work, as he did not have the relevant experience required to get one of the limited jobs available in this field, now he hopes to help other people who were in his position with his business idea, as future jobs fund has done for him and others alike.

For the past six months Lenny has been researching and interviewing Artists, this position has allowed him to meet people he would not normally be able to acquaint with and has allowed him the opportunity to build rapport with people in his desired career industry.

“During my time at Striding Out I have gained lots of new skills especially networking skills.”

Lenny has enjoyed the job and has worked through the difficulties he has faced in the role with his coach.

“The job has provided me with lots of useful skills I can use in future employment like “leadership skills”.