Priya Patel

Blue Ventures researches marine expeditions to promote tropical areas.

She has a BA in Geography as well as a Post-Graduate qualification.  Priya’s ideal job would be in Environmental Consulting. 

Priya found it difficult to find graduate entry jobs when job seeking.  She found that the one that do exist are highly competitive.  Also, her lack of work experience highly affected her ability to find a job.  

She decided to take up the position at Blue Ventures as the 6 month contract works well for her and the area is relative to what she is interested in.  Priya’s job role entails assisting the Expeditions Coordinator with day to day running of the office and also with larger long term projects.  

Priya hopes to learn how to use various computer software programmes and gain additional IT skills during her time at Blue Ventures. 

Her job is going great, and she is learning lots at a good pace.  Priya says that the people are lovely. There is an extremely small team and fairly informal office environment.  Her colleagues are really helpful and friendly.  

“I was looking for a job in vain for 6 months.  As a recent graduate I was feeling pretty low but then I was advised by my job adviser to look through Future Jobs Fund.  A couple of days later I had my first interview with a coach from Striding Out and less than a week later I was employed!  They took on board everything I had told them about what I wanted to do career-wise and directed me to the most relative jobs I could never have found by myself - I'm just gutted I didn't know about them sooner!”

About the Future Jobs Fund

The Future Jobs Fund provides employers with a grant to employ an unemployed young person for a 6mth period. 

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