Shalini Meetaroo

shaliniShalini Meetaroo, Mentoring for Young Learners Programme
Shalini has completed the mentoring for young learners programme to develop her mentoring skills for working with young people.
She decided to take part in the programme as it struck her as both interesting and challenging. She had heard a lot about mentoring and coaching and was keen to experience it for herself.

With an interest in learning new things Shalini enjoyed undertaking the Mentoring for young learner’s award, she was able to meet different people from all walks of life and found the informative training workshops to be thought provoking.

Her attitude to volunteering has changed, she have realised that although there may be no monetary reward, she is rewarded in many other ways, some of which are invaluable. In addition she felt that by volunteering it made value of her time.  By volunteering she is able to learn many skills and acquire knowledge she may not have ordinarily.

“It will definitely appear on my CV as an impressive skill to have.”

She received very in depth training from Partners In Hope, which added to the training she had already received from Striding Out.

“The project has helped massively with personal development.”

Shalini will continue to mentor her two mentees even after she has completed the award and is sure that she will use her mentoring skills in many future situations and hopefully mentor others.

If you would like to take part in the Mentoring for Young Learners Programme please contact us on 0203 303 0468